YouTuber Explains How Time Journey Is Really Doable

The Motion Lab, a YouTuber, is at all times bringing us enjoyable and thrilling science experiments that he makes use of to show us about advanced scientific rules. It’s possible you’ll bear in mind this episode, during which he made a laser microscope out of a drop of water, or this one, during which he made a black mirror.

On this episode of his present, he demonstrates a real-life quantum delayed selection experiment to show how time journey is feasible in quantum mechanics.

To perform this, he employs a easy inexperienced laser and a beam splitter, which permits 50% of photons to go by whereas the remaining 50% are diverted.

He additionally place 2 mirrors on either side to replicate the photons’ path. You is perhaps questioning what all of this has to do with time journey?

The YouTuber continues his experiment, demonstrating how the intricate setup he has constructed pertains to time journey. How does he accomplish this? What scientific findings did he acquire from his experiment? The place else can the deduced rules be utilized? Might this make time journey a chance for everybody? This video supplies solutions to all of those questions and extra.

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