How A lot Weight Does The Soul Have?

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An amazing idea, the muse of many religions, and a really consoling notion within the face of loss is that of an everlasting soul.

Maybe that is the explanation some individuals have develop into dissatisfied with leaving questions of the soul to religion and as a substitute turned to science in an effort to determine the existence of the soul. You’ve most likely heard the findings of one among these fairly peculiar investigations when you’ve ever heard that the soul weighs 21 grammes or when you’ve seen the 2003 film “21 Grams,” which makes reference to this concept.

What weight does the soul even have? The unhealthy information is that no person can definitively reply that. Scientists are unable to measure or set up the existence of the soul. However it’s price hanging round for the odd story of 1 physician’s try and do exactly that.

Starting within the Boston neighbourhood of Dorchester on the flip of the twentieth century. Duncan MacDougall, a famend physician, had an concept that bugged him: if individuals had souls, these souls needed to occupy area. Moreover, since souls occupy area, they might weight one thing, proper?

The Soul’s Weight

MacDougall reasoned that there was just one method to be taught the reply. It appears extra logical to me to suppose that the substance assumed in our speculation should be some type of gravitative matter, and subsequently able to being detected at dying by weighing a human being within the act of dying, he wrote within the scientific paper he additionally may ultimately publish (opens in new tab) about this try in 1907.

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MacDougall collaborated with Dorchester’s Consumptives’ Residence, a non-profit medical heart for individuals with final stage tuberculosis, which was then an incurable illness. A giant scale that MacDougall constructed can accommodate a cot and a Tuberculosis sufferer who’s close to dying. For this experiment, MacDougall selected tuberculosis as an appropriate illness as a result of sufferers handed away from it in “nice exhaustion” and with none motion that will disturb his scale.

Case 4, involving a girl who was dying of diabetes, was rejected by MacDougall as a result of the size had not been correctly calibrated, partly due to “a good deal of interference by individuals who object to our work.” This determination raises some questions, which MacDougall didn’t present up significantly keen to clarify in his write-up. Case 5 misplaced 0.375 ounce (10.6 grammes), nevertheless the size afterwards developed issues, so these numbers are additionally unsure. As a result of the affected person handed away whereas MacDougall was nonetheless adjusting his scale, Case 6 was dismissed.

The research had been then carried out once more on 15 canine, and MacDougall found no weight reduction, concluding, in his opinion, that not all canine go into heaven.

In 1907, MacDougall revealed his findings within the American Drugs and Journal of the American Society for Psychical Analysis journals. He obtained an article in The New York Occasions as nicely (opens in new tab).

Soul Unexplained points

Even on the time, MacDougall’s research’s outcomes had been inconsistent and its tiny pattern dimension severely known as into query the concept he examined the soul. To MacDougall’s credit score, he acknowledged that further measurements had been required to verify the soul’s mass. That hasn’t occurred attributable to a mixture of moral considerations and the trials’ peculiar nature. As per Mary Roach’s e book “Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife,” a rancher in Oregon did make an try and repeat the soul-weighing experiment with a dozen sheep within the early 2000s (W. W. Norton & Co., 2005). The bulk gained between 1 and seven ounces (between 30 – 200 grammes), however the weight features had been sheep shortly reverted to their preliminary weights.

Dr. Gerry Nahum, a chemical engineer and medical skilled who was attending the Duke College College of Drugs on the time, was additionally talked about by Roach as having developed the speculation that the soul, or on the very least, consciousness, should be related to info, which is equal to a specific amount of power. This power would possibly, in idea, be measured with exact sufficient electromagnetic devices as a result of the equation E = mc ^2 states that power equals mass occasions the pace of sunshine squared (thanks, Einstein). Nahum had not obtained funding as of 2007(opens in new tab) for experiments that will have proven whether or not he was appropriate. He’s at the moment work for Bayer Prescription drugs.

The reality is that neither the existence of the soul nor its weight have been remotely decided by science. The realm of faith will most likely be left to resolve this drawback.

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